About One World Shop

Established in 1979, One World Shop has been supporting fair trade artisans in over 35 developing countries now for over 38 years! Starting in Lakewood and moving to Rocky River, One World Shop is Cleveland’s oldest non-profit fair trade organization!

what we value

One World Shop creates social and economic opportunities for impoverished artisans across the world. Instead of competing with local artisans for a geographically limited customer base, they are able to cooperate in producing goods to be sold at fair prices throughout the world. We work cooperatively with many long-term suppliers, building and sustaining partnerships. Fair trade becomes a positive force in these communities for improving living standards, health, education, and the environment. Environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of our mission – the artisans whose work we promote reduce, reuse, and reclaim, and recycle materials whenever possible.

raising awareness through fair trade

One World Shop actively seeks to raise awareness of fair trade principles, and to educate our customers about the cultural heritage of the communities and artisans who produce our goods. We seek products that celebrate indigenous traditions and techniques, in order to sustain cultures and revitalize traditions.

our global reach

At the shop you’ll find Haitian metal art pieces, mud cloths from Ghana, Kisii stoneware and wood carvings from Kenya, recycled pop can giraffes and iguanas from South Africa, hoodies and tops from Nepal, basketry from Bangladesh, jewelry and textiles from all over the world, puppets from Peru, recycled paper tableware from Vietnam, handbags from Thailand, India and Cambodia, onyx chess sets from Pakistan, and much, much more.

Stop in today to see our current selection of fantastic fair trade goods!