Celebrating World Refugee Day in Cleveland has never been easier!

From restaurants to boutiques, art exhibits to cleaning services, markets to farm stands, we are fortunate to have a bounty of ways to support refugee-led businesses in our communities.

Organizations like Refugee Services Collaborative are a one stop-shop for finding business and organizational directories, resources for education and even volunteer opportunities to partner with local refugee resettlement organizations. They not only provide resources for supporters but also advocate for our new neighbors and help to find newcomers the things they need to call Cleveland home such as housing, education and supplies. Below is an impact report that RSC put together in 2017, showing the incredible economic impact that refugees have in our community as well as who is represented in the cultural melting pot we call home.

According to Global Cleveland

          New Americans create new companies, revitalize neighborhoods, pay taxes, attract investments from overseas, and expand economic opportunities for all residents. Immigration and international diversity opens up opportunities and drives the new innovation economy. Our city and region are the beautiful and great places they are for many reasons. One integral reason is the welcome we gave decades and centuries ago – and continue to give today — to immigrants and refugees.

With a decrease in the amount of refugees welcomed to the United States during the past administration, our economies and our culture have been impacted. Now as the world begins to reopen to refugees, there’s no better time than now to get involved, show your support and welcome new neighbors to our communities.

 Ways to support Refugees in Cleveland

  • Volunteer! Many of the organizations that are part of Refugee Services Collaborative are in need of volunteers to help tutor, offer legal support, help with daycare or schooling and act as business mentors to help families and individuals build brighter futures.
  • Donate! Whether you are able to offer monetary support to help fund programs and services, home goods and supplies to help families fill their new homes, or donate your time and talents to an organization, your support is in desperate need.
  • Shop! The refugee community is rich in cultural traditions and talents and their businesses and crafts proudly show it. Whether it’s takeout for dinner, fresh produce for your meals, gifts for yourself or others, there are PLENTY of options for you here in Cleveland!

One World Shop is proud to be an advocate for refugees both locally and globally. Many of our fair trade partners are in marginalized communities, having fled or been forced from their home countries and in need of sustainable income. Fair trade allows men & women, able and disabled, to maintain their craft, earn living wages and provide our shop unique, handmade gifts from around the globe. Please join us in celebrating World Refugee Day on Sunday, June 20th and every day after that.